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 Hunt Roofing is your premier residential and commercial roofing company in Utah. We handle any project, large or small. Our experienced and highly trained teams make sure your roofing project meets your roofing needs. 

 Nothing protects your investment more than a quality roof. Hunt Roofing is your quality roofing service. With over 30 years of roofing experience, we pride ourselves in providing you the highest service, quality materials, and extending the life of your roof. 

 If you need a new roof, we help you select the best roof for your needs and price range, and we install it with care. You get our guarantee along with the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials. And, if you allow us to provide you with a good maintenance program, we can extend the life of your roof for years. 

 We excel at roof repairs for all types of roofs. We are expert at finding the source of a leak and resolving the problem quickly for you. 

 We are seasoned, highly skilled and we go the extra mile. When our teams show up to do a job, we do it quickly, efficiently, and ensure everything is installed properly. We place protective tarps all the way around your home or building to protect your plants, we dispose of roofing waste immediately to our truck or dumpster, and when we are done, we blow off all debris and wash down your building leaving it looking as clean and beautiful as your new roof. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy during the installation or repair process, and we want you to be happy with your quality roof for years to come. 

 We pride ourselves on providing quality roofs. We want to save you money over the years by providing you with a roof that is installed with care by a highly trained team using excellent products. When you get a roof installed by Hunt Roofing and follow our maintenance plan, you avoid high maintenance costs or roof replacement. We want you to be so thrilled with our work and the longevity of your roof that the only return business we get from you is decades from now, or when you move, need help after a disaster, or when you refer us to your friends and neighbors. 

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