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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

  A good maintenance program will extend the life of your roof, just as a good auto maintenance program extends the life of your car.  If you take good care of your roof, making sure small repairs are done as soon as they are needed, you can extend the life of your roof for many years.  Small repairs and maintenance are often very simple and cost-effective, and allow you to avoid replacing the entire roof sooner than you expect.  

Do You Handle Custom Roofing Jobs?

 Yes, we can combine products, handle any roofing material and we are skilled at all the latest methods, styles and technologies.  We can combine materials for roofs that have different pitches, we can blend products if you desire different styles across the roof, and we will produce a beautiful roof for you.  We welcome any custom job. 

Why Are My Shingles Blowing Off During Small Storms?

 Many roofers do not use enough nails to lay down the shingles, or they improperly place the nails.  We install shingles properly, allowing each shingle to get a double layer of 8 to 12 nails per shingle, depending on the size of the shingle.  Proper nailing locks the shingles in place and doesn’t allow them to feather apart or blow away during a normal windstorm.  

What Type of Roofs are Prone to Wind Damage?

 Every type of roof can suffer wind damage, and we repair wind damage for any roof.  If wind damage is a concern for you, we will walk you through the best products for your needs. 

Do You Provide Roofing Services for Commercial and Industrial Buildings?

 Yes!  Whether you have a new construction or you need a roof repaired on a commercial or industrial building, we will assist you with custom roofing to fit your budget and meet your needs.  

Do You Offer Roofing Guarantees?

  Absolutely.  We cannot extend guarantees outside of or beyond the manufacturer’s specified wind and damage ratings.  But, we guarantee our work.  

Do You Handle Extremely Tall or Low Roofs?

 We handle all kinds of roofs, without exception.  Whether your roof is flat or pitched, on a tall or low-profile building, or a combination of pitches or height, we are experienced at handling all roofs. 

Why Do I Need Roof Repair if I Only Have a Little Bit of Water Damage?

 A little bit of water damage now can lead to structural damage, black mold, and much more costly roof replacement later.  Proper maintenance and immediate roof repair will save you money in the long run and extend the life of your roof. 

What Kind of Roof Should I Get?

 There are many types of materials available for all kinds of roofs, and there are many things to consider before selecting one:  price, the cosmetic look of your building, product durability, and your specific needs (such as heat retention or allowing snow to slide off easily.)  We are experts at the types of roofs listed on our home page and fully understand each product and its best use.  We can help you select the roof that will best serve your needs and keep your structure weather-tight for years to come 

Do You Install Solar Roofs?

 Yes.  Solar roofs are relatively new, and there are now much higher quality products available to the public.  We keep up to date with the latest technologies and standards and are skilled at installing solar roofs.  

Do You Repair or Install Flashing, Skylights, Soffits and Siding?

  Yes.  We repair and install all roof-related products.  Leaks are often a result of gaps left by previous roofers who improperly installed the roofing materials.  We fix mistakes left behind by previous roofers and we expertly install flashing, skylights, soffits and siding 

Do You Remove Swamp Coolers and Repair the Duct Work Left Behind?

  Any roofing work, including removing swamp coolers, can be tricky and dangerous unless done by a professional.  We are experienced at removing swamp coolers and repairing the swamp cooler duct work.  We seal up and repair the hole beautifully, so you don’t lose air flow out of the roof.