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Roof Repairs

Gravel Roof Repairs

Gravel roof repairs, or Built Up Roof repairs, are difficult, since leaks are hard to find, and it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do it right. Water seeps down under the gravel and can travel many feet, so water damage in one part of your building can actually mean the true leak is located many feet away. Hunt Roofing crews truly excel at gravel roof repairs. We know our business and we’ve seen it all. We track down your problem, fix it right, and can extend the life of your roof by several years.

Roof Repairs

 We fix any type of leak or damage on any roof. We come in, locate the leak, stop the damage, fix your problem, and get your roof back to protecting your valuable home or business assets. Our crews are seasoned, efficient, and treat you and your building with respect. We know your time is valuable, we get the job done right, and we offer fair pricing. The ultimate roof repair is a full replacement. Proper maintenance and immediate repairs extend the life of your roof, avoiding the high cost of premature full roof repair or replacement. 

Shingle Roof Repairs

 Shingle roof repairs are most commonly associated with wind damage or leakage, but the root of the problem is not always obvious. We excel at making sure the problem is completely repaired before we lay down a new section of shingle roof and seal it. When we lay down new roofing we use a product called ice and water shield, it’s a glue/extremely high cost leak preventer. Protective barrier on top of the plywood but below the metal or roofing shingles to stop water penetration through the anchoring system of screws or nails, seals around each nail and each screw individually as they are applied and prevents leakage.

Low Pitch or Flat Roofs

Built-up Roofing

 Built Up Roofing is one of the most commonly used roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings, and is well-suited for any low pitch or flat roof. It’s designed to hold up extremely well under harsh weather conditions, perfect for Utah’s hot summers and snowy winters. It is durable, reliable, and the strong multiple layers increases water resistance, and heat retention. Basically, the system is layers of fiberglass or organic felt or fabrics, laced between hot asphalt, which is then bound together as soon as it’s mopped. We surface these strong layers with rolls of sandy paper called modified bitumen, or with gravel such as lava rock. Our crews are well experienced at laying down built up roofing with speed and precision, giving you a strong, durable, low-maintenance roof. 

Hot Mop Smooth Surface Asphalt Roofing

 Hot mop smooth surface is exactly like built-up roofing, in that you get strong, durable layers of fiberglass or organic felt or fabrics bound together with hot asphalt. We then place a smooth glaze of asphalt over the top layer of fiberglass felt, and paint it with an aluminum fiber-coated paint. It handles foot traffic, helps retain the building’s heat, and if maintained, it can last up to 25 years. 


 Rubber roofing has gained popularity over the last couple of decades, due to its relative ease of installation, flexibility and relative low cost. It is relatively light-weight, can help keep heating and cooling costs down, and easily recovered. We lay down a layer of insulation or a fabric over the building’s deck surface, and then roll out a single ply roofing product and screw it down to the roof. Since there is no redundancy in roofing materials, a small puncture during installation can result in a big leak. We are highly skilled at laying down this type of roof properly and maintaining it for you so you get the maximum 15 to 20 years out of this product. 

Single Ply Roofing

EPDM Rubber- EPDM rubber roofing ranges in thickness and is available in unreinforced and reinforced sheeting. Reinforced EDPM sheeting is more resistant to puncturing and leaks. It is also available as a flexible rubber or a rigid rubber. Either way, EDPM is extremely weather-resistant and light weight.  

Hypalon- Hypalon is most commonly available in white or gray colored sheets, which are rolled out, screwed down to the roof and heat-welded together. Its life expectancy is 10 to 25 years, and it is extremely weather-resistant. 

Single Ply Roofing

PVC-  PVC membranes are laid down single-ply and are plastic heat-welded or glued together. They come in lighter colors and reflect solar heat well, which can result in energy savings. They are also naturally fire-retardant. 

TPO- TPO can be laid in a variety of ways and there are a number of excellent TPO products on the market. We know all the latest techniques and are experienced at laying all the latest products, and will make sure your TPO roof is installed quickly, with precision. It is white/grayish in color, and can help you save in energy costs, since it reflects solar heat well. 

Tar & Gravel Roofing

Tar and Gravel Roofing is the layman’s term for Built Up Roofing. It is layers of fiberglass and asphalt (not tar) melded together in layers, building up your roof to your specified thickness, and then covered with gravel. It is excellent for durability, and can last 10 – 25 years.

Sloped Roofing

Metal Roofing

 Metal roofs typically come in large metal panels and are installed with screws. There are many different qualities and styles to choose from to give your roof the look you desire. Metal roofing is unmatched in durability, lasting 30 to 100 years. It reduces your cooling costs, because it reflects solar radiant heat. It reduces your snow-removal costs, since the snow slides off it like it’s on a slippery slide. Barring disaster, you’ll have extremely low maintenance and no need to reroof for a very, very long time. 

Shingles Aluminum

 Aluminum shingles are high-quality, high-end shingles. This roof gives your home or building a traditional look, with the added benefit of an extremely durable roof that sheds snow easily, is low-maintenance, and reduces your heating and cooling costs. They are light-weight, can look like cedar shakes, tile or slate, and can last the lifetime of the house. They will not rust, rot, tear or become infested with bugs. Surveys show that aluminum shingles can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 20% each year. 

Slate Shingles Appearance

 We do offer real slate shingles for those who desire them, and we are highly skilled at installing them and giving your home that beautiful slate roof you’ve always dreamed of. If you want the beauty of slate shingles without the weight, high maintenance and high cost, we also offer synthetic slate shingles that look just like the real thing, come in many different colors, are a quarter of the weight and fit into your budget much easier. 

Shingles Asphalt

 Asphalt Shingles are the most popular choice for Utah, because they are available in a large range of styles, colors and lifetime. Standard shingles are made out of an organic cloth base, then are saturated with asphalt and topped off with a sandy mixture, colored to match your style. They range from 20-year shingles to 50-year shingles, are very wind resistant and look beautiful. Fiberglass shingles are made out of a fiberglass and resin bonded mat, coated with asphalt and topped off with a colored sandy mixture to get the look you want. Fiberglass shingles last longer than standard asphalt shingles, are more fire-resistant, more wind-resistant and resist shrinkage more effectively. 

Wood Shingles & Wood Shakes

 Wood shingles offer you the most traditional look for your home. They are roughly ½ inch thick and approximately 5-7 inches wide, and give your home a traditional look. They do require much higher maintenance and are more prone to fire and wind damage. We install them extremely well and your home will beautifully blend in with the landscape, but we do recommend a much more intensive maintenance program to keep it looking beautiful. 

 Wood Shake roofs have a natural look with a lot of character, and you can be assured your roof will be unique. Due to variations in width and coloration, no two wood shakes look alike. They do require a good maintenance program to prevent shrinkage or curling, but when we install and maintain it for you, you will enjoy its protection and charm for years to come. 

Tile Roofing

 With proper installation and good maintenance, tile roofing can last more than 100 years on your home, and give it that beautiful look you want. Concrete tiling comes in a variety of colors and styles. While tile roofing is a higher-end choice, it is not as costly as other high-end options, but it still gives your roof that beautifully-finished quality look 

Additional Services

Heat Cables

 We install electrically heated wires or cables down in gutters, downspouts and along roof edges and roof valleys. These snake-like cables cause snow and ice to start melting quickly. You don’t have to shovel snow off your roof, and you don’t have to worry about the weight of snow damaging your roof. 

Ice and Water Shield

 Ice and Water Shield is a product that is extremely effective at preventing leaks caused by ice and water that gets underneath the primary roofing material. It is a protective barrier laid on top of the plywood deck surface, and covered with the roofing material of your choice. It seals around each nail and each screw individually as they are applied, stopping water penetration through the roof’s anchoring system. As long as Ice and Water Shield is always covered by a well-maintained top layer of roofing material, it protects your plywood deck surface and your structure from water leakage for decades.We recommend applying Ice and Water Shield across the entire roof for homes and buildings located in high snow areas. 

Roof Recovers

We will recover an old roof with a new layer of roofing, as long as the combined roofing materials do not exceed the weight limits of your building. We can assess your project and help you determine whether a roof recover is the best and least expensive choice for you.

Rooftop Snow Removal

 Our professional crews are highly skilled at removing snow from your rooftop. Heavy snow can put too much weight on your roof, weakening your building’s structure. Snow can compact down into ice, which can get under the roofing material, leak and cause water damage. Preventative measures, such as rooftop snow removal, protect your structure from snow weight and ice and water damage.

Tear Offs

 When you need an old roof completely removed, we will tear off the old roof, repair the existing plywood or structure (known as decking), and install a new roof. Although this process is the longest, we have highly trained and efficient teams that combine speed with expertise. We clean the debris as we go, protect the surrounding vegetation or trees, and make sure you have a good experience with our company from the moment we arrive to decades from now when you’re still enjoying your properly installed beautiful roof. 

Insurance Work

 Repair work such as wind damage repairs, are covered by most insurance plans. Consult your insurance company to see what coverage you have. 

 Our customers are responsible for paying us directly for the work done, but you may be able to get some support from your insurance company towards repair of wind damage, leaks, or your previous roofing company’s faulty work. 

 We cannot offer warranties on damage outside or beyond the manufacturer’s specified wind ratings and damage. 

Wind Damage Repairs

All types of roofs can be damaged by high winds, and we repair wind damage to any roof.Wind damage repairs are usually covered by insurance, but contact your insurance company to verify coverage. Our customers pay us directly, and then submit a claim to their insurance agent for assistance or reimbursement. We do not offer warranties on damage outside of or beyond manufacturer’s specified wind ratings, but we do guarantee our own work.